Decentralized School Management with Google Apps Education

Politécnico EASO is a multibranch public vocational training school in the Basque Country with 125 teachers and more than 1600 students. Its management system is  certified according to ISO 9001,  ISO 14001 and EFQM. Our school is divided in departments which have autonomy as if  they were mini schools. It is a decentralized system based on a horizontal distribution of responsibilities.

For a long time we have had a Windows Professional network without any access from outside the school,  but we have managed to improve our system using Google Apps Education in order to have access from anywhere, simplify our management system and encourage  teachers to use ICTs with their students.

We started to implement  the new management system (SAS-Easo System) two years ago, trying to do it Simple, Agile and Shared, so that departments and teachers became creators and no mere users. We offer teachers, non-teaching staff and students friendly spaces to work, interact and get relevant and useful information.

Our presentation reports on the the progress of our management system and provides further details on its functioning.

ICT coordinator
IEFPS Politécnico EASO